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The world's most popular language learning platform is now available for the classroom & French Online Classes. Thousands of French Language Institutes are already using it to enhance their lessons.

Frech is the most popular language in the world, over 30 contries across the five continents have adopted French as the main language or one of the main languages as an official or administrative language. more than 200 million people speak French across the world.


French Language Classes

French language classes will help you learn other languages, especially Romance languages, such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian. English speakers should also know that French has provided more than 50% of the current English vocabulary. Learning a Foreign language like French is an advantage to boost your career opportunities and will definitely widen your profession. So, enroll with most popular French Laguage Institutes through Academic Aim today and don’t miss out the great opportunity of learn French language.

These coaching institute offer Frech certification courses that are recognised in many places. The trainers have a good experience in teaching as well as having knowledge of the language. Browse through the nearest language classes for French in near you.


FAQs: Frech Language

  • What is the French language course duration and French language course fee?

    The French language course duration and fee of course depends on intitutes because they provide defrent type of French languages Classes. Most of the French languge Institues carge INR 1000 to 5000 acording to there course module.

  • What is the eligibility criteria for enrolling with French Course?

    After 12th you can join French language classes.

  • What are the career benefits of the French language course?

    There are numerous of career opportunities for candidates with proper French language certificates after French language course classes. The benefit of French language course as the following.
    1- Translator
    2- Interpreter
    3- Voiceover Script
    4- Lead Features Editor
    5- Content Editor/ Writer- French
    6- French Language Trainer


French Language Institutes by Cities

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